Service Times 

    9    AM Bible Class
   10  AM Worship
     6   PM Worship

     9:30   AM Ladies Bible Class
     7:00   PM Bible Class

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(970) 667-3322 - Office
(970)-667-4953 Minister
(970) 622-0886 -Spanish
Welcome to the Loveland Church of Christ
4100 South Taft Ave, Loveland Co,
About Us
Our Leadership 
The Loveland Church of Christ is self-governing congregation meaning we have no central body or organization above the local congregation. The Loveland Church of Christ has appointed qualified Elders who look after the local church and make the major decisions. We also have qualified Deacons who oversee areas of serves and ministry. They have the ability to make decisions for the church in their area of responsibility. In addition to this, the Loveland Church of Christ has 2 Preachers on staff that assist with the Preaching and Teaching ministry as well as the Outreach.

The following links will tell you more about our leaders.